Getting Rid of Unwelcome Guests


There’s no mistaking it, that unique smell, there’s a skunk around. Now what? Do you buy one of those live capture traps? That’s half an idea, it’s best to trap the skunk alive, but do you really know what to do next? Luckily, in the Chicago area there are trained professionals who do know what to do next. The highly trained, Chicago Skunk Removal experts can not only catch the stinky critter, but take it away to a place more suiting for wild life. Skunks present a special challenge, they like to live under porches and decks, close to easy food and water. They will fight with cats and other more harmless wildlife. Their trade mark defense is their spray, that leases that smell that won’t come off. No matter how much you paid for those clothes, they are going in the trash. You can try tomato juice on a stinky pet, or maybe an extreme hair cut, but you baby is going to smell for at a least a few days.

That is why it is so important to trust any removal situation to a trained and certified AAAC professional. They will do a 67 point roof to ground inspection, finding all points of entry, and then sealing them off after the offending critter is removed. It is important to remember that the wildlife we think of as pests, where actually here first. As humans move into areas that where formerly fields, the wildlife that lives there will take advantage of the new homes built. We need to understand, then call a professional, who can relocate the animal in a safe and humane way. Check to make sure the person you call will only use eco-friendly and organic pest control. They may want to live with us, but we don’t have to live with them.

Skunks are not the only unwanted guests that people encounter in their homes, or businesses. Rats are the most infamous pests, but even rats deserve to be dealt with humanely. Chicago Rat Removal is the service that you will need, just call them and they deal with them. People unwittingly invite rats, and other pest, by leaving food where they can find it. Once we learn our mistakes, then a trained professional can help us rid our buildings of all unwanted visitors. It can be done without harsh poisons, that can be dangerous for pets or people.

Squirrels, raccoons, and opossums can also present their own special problems. They may look cute, but they can do major damage to homes. Once inside, they will contaminate our homes with urine and fecal matter that carries many parasites. They are also often carriers of rabies, a painful sometimes deadly disease.