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Susan Harris has KY's highest level of training credentials for riders and horses!


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Spring Run Riders represent the multi-state area in North American Championship Competition!


Group Riding Lessons

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Horse Boarding

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You won't find a more friendly, warm and welcoming place to learn and perfect your skills. Whether beginner or advanced, there are other riders just like you!

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Working Student Program: 

Students are welcome at Spring Run for various lengths of stay. Some students are on the farm for as short as a weekend while others stay for a week, several months, or a year. Students are encouraged to bring their own horse(s) but we can provide a horse for those who are not able to do so. Most students live in our rec room over our three car garage. This has a sleeping area, bathroom and shower, a refrigerator, and eating area. Major meals are cooked in our kitchen.

Daily Schedule: 
Students work a half day (approximately five and one-half hours) and have one lesson daily. They are responsible for the care of their own horse(s), which includes feeding, stalls, and turn-out; in addition to their regular chores. Students are encouraged to watch other lessons and school extra horses whenever possible. All students use time cards to keep track of their hours worked. All students have a minimum of one day off per week.

Working students are paid at an hourly rate that is negotiated in advance with Susan. Half-hour private lessons are $50.00 per lesson. One hour group lessons are $50.00. Extended privates and other special lessons or coaching are charged accordingly. Students are responsible for their horse’s board which is $450 for outside board or $660 for stall board per month or $30 per day and their housing. If their housing is at Spring Run, the fee is $140.00 per week or $30.00 per day if staying less than one week.

We look forward to having you at Spring Run. For more information please call Susan Harris at 502-228-3456 or fill out our simple one page application. Please print and mail the application to Spring Run Farm.

Spring Run is an amazing place!  I was lucky enough to begin riding there at the age of 8 and am still riding there 20 years later. The instructors, employees and the farm itself help make Spring Run an incredible environment that is family-friendly and supportive of all your riding goals.  The horse care is also unbelievable. I never worry about going out of town because I know my horse will be well taken care of.  Spring Run has been my second home for over 20 years and and I couldn't be more proud of that!

Rachel Zoller Sketo


I had been riding for about 10 years when I met Susan. I had been jumping for about 4 years. My former instructor had me jumping one jump at a time, going in monotonous circles. He didn't communicate many of the basic principles of riding, so I wasn't really getting anything out of my sessions with him.

I'll never forget my first lesson with Susan. She had me jumping a full course to see what I could do. This was so foreign to me, but I gave it a shot. My horse was a little strong and I had alot of trouble, but Susan's confidence and ability to communicate how to keep control, bred more confidence in me.

I now compete with complete confidence and even go fox hunting without fear!! Susan was a blessing for me and I'm so grateful a friend introduced us! I learned more from her in my first year, than I had learned in my previous 10 years of riding. Her patience, persistence and friendship have helped me immensely, I can't think of anyone I could  recommended more highly.

Patti Naiser



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